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Men have traditionally dominated the energy sector, but in NYC several women have emerged as forceful leaders and have helped put the spotlight on female presence in the field. These women have chosen to work in one of NYC’s most exciting and impactful domains – one still largely governed by men – and can serve as much needed role models for women aspiring to be involved in the NYC energy space. To highlight the important role that women serve in the NYC sector, NYWSE is presenting a two-part interview series with Angelique Mercurio, the Founder and CEO of Enerknol – a platform for energy policy data information and analytics.

NYWSE is putting the spotlight on Angelique Mercurio, who in addition to working in a male-dominated field, is also an entrepreneur with her own company.

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 Knowledge is Power: How EnerKnol is Solving the Energy Industry’s Information Problem

“At Hire an Esquire, we love to highlight our innovative tech clients and show how they impact the legal industry. EnerKnol provides research and real-time data services to businesses whose investments are impacted by changes in U.S. energy policy. We chatted with Founder and CEO Angelique Mercurio about building the company, about the EnerKnol vision, and about how the legal industry can leverage EnerKnol’s products.

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Get Comfortable Asking for Money

                  – Angelique Mercurio, Founder of EnerKnol

A “The Pitch Deck” episode of an amazing case study of what a motivated entrepreneur with a vision can achieve. Listen to Angelique’s inspiring story and her fresh experience with clearing the first angel round for one million dollars for EnerKnol. Discover the lessons she’s learned on her journey so that you can follow in her footsteps.

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New York Energy Week Shines a Light on Startups

Angelique Mercurio and Emily Bjorklund stopped by on day one of New York Energy Week 2014 to discuss the lineup of events.

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